Why therapy?

That depends on you!

No two people’s experiences are exactly the same, and so people come to therapy at different times for different reasons.

What brought you to our web site, and what are you looking for?

Maybe your communication in your relationship could use a little fine-tuning. Perhaps you’re just looking for a neutral third-party to help you see things from another perspective. Or does this sound familiar: you’ve talked and fretted and done your best to “get over” something, and you’re still feeling stuck? You could be carrying some crippling anxiety and depression, panic attacks, heavy sadness, and some unhelpful coping skills in that beautiful baggage of yours.

You don’t need to wait until you’re in over your head to seek some support, either. Counselors are professional listeners with a very specific set of skills – and they can often see things about a situation that might not be immediately clear. Their approach is nonjudgmental, confidential, and positive.

Who wouldn’t want to tackle these challenges with a supportive expert in their corner?