DIY is all-the-trend now-a-days, but I challenge you to take it to an entirely different level. Although our society can be very independent compared to more eastern cultures, we have become very dependent on others to make ourselves happy. There is an ideal of being in a loving romantic relationship and also having a great friend group. These things are wonderful, but people without either one or both of these ideals feel incomplete. But what if you could learn to find happiness on your own? This self-sufficiency can help you feel more confident, and ready to take on the world!

I’ve mentioned it before, but imagine the urge you feel to look at your phone when you’re out in public. I think part of this is us thinking that we have to look like we’re not alone. Like we have a world of people to talk with on our phone, and we’re not the lonely people sitting in the restaurant by ourselves, or in the waiting room alone. But what if we felt comfortable with our own company? Would we look crazy or happy?

What are the things you’ve been waiting on others to be interested in to give yourself permission to do? What kinds of things have you been wanting to try but it is out of your comfort zone and you’ve been waiting for some support? Going to the museum? Riding horses for the first time? Exploring your city? Sitting in nature? Volunteering at the local animal shelter? Trying out yoga or a new exercise? Starting a new project?

All these things you might love but never allow yourself to do! But all this time it has been in your control, if you would just push yourself out of your comfort zone. And how funny it is that we aren’t comfortable with just being with ourselves. But when you can get there, when you love being with yourself, the pressure to find someone else to make you happy decreases. It becomes more natural and less forced to form relationships, and you will find that the quality of your relationships will improve.

What do you want to DIY?!

Your listening ear,